The Wall (James Bond 007)

From CHF 180

One of the deepest U-Valleys in the Alpine world and famous for its outstanding natural beauty, Lauterbrunnen is truly spectacular.  Soar past the countless waterfalls and sheer cliffs, with beautiful views of Alpine villages and snow-capped peaks.  

Mürren (1660m) – Stechelberg (800m)
Flying time:  approx 15 - 20 mins

Duration: approx. 1 - 1.5 hours

Meet us directly in Mürren: Schilthornbahn Cablecar Station, Mürren.
Travelling by car? Meet us at Schilthornbahn Cablecar Station, Stechelberg. 
Lauterbrunnen Meeting Points:  Airtime Café, Train Station, your accommodation

Note: The journey to Mürren is NOT included in the flight price; we recommend making the most of your ticket and visiting Mürren, and meeting us there.

Additional Information

By booking you agree that you are aware of the weight limit (100kg), the age limit (min 5yrs), and that you are able to run safely to take off.

From CHF 180

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  1. Mürren
  2. Stechelberg
  3. Lauterbrunnen